Blogging and Exercise are Hard

It is has been over 1 year since I last published a homily. I apologize to those who have missed my weekly expositions, however, I mostly apologize to myself. I too have missed this weekly practice as it provided a degree of accountability and the subsequent reward associated with discipline. Much like I both despise and appreciate my exercise bicycle, I cannot deny the benefits of the effort and the consistency of preparing and writing homilies.

May God bless you all and may you find some encouragement in your pilgrimage on this earth through my exercise.

9 thoughts on “Blogging and Exercise are Hard

  1. Let me try this again since my comment vanished. 🧐
    It’s nice to see you blogging again. I’ve missed your posts. I miss mass. I hope you and Kristina are well.


  2. Thank you for restarting your homilies. I have missed them. Life is very stressful these days for all of us. Some days life throws many clinkers to me and it’s difficult to keep focused. so inspiration I have received from you is priceless. Thank you Jason.

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  3. So happily surprised to see your words in my ‘inbox’… Navigating Covid times is a new adventure for all- I am trying to remain steadfast & grounded as much as possible, with the hopes that when this time is over I will have learned something profound from it’s Many different challenges.

    Thank you for the time & the wise words you put into your homily, as well as, for the ‘Deacon Beacon’ light that shines from your spirit filled heart!

    Blessed wishes for peace, health & happiness to you & yours…


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