What should we do?

3rd Sunday of Advent Gospel of Luke 3:10-18 “What should we do?” A question that rings close to home, does it not? Considering our current social, geo-political, and religious environments I am wondering how often we, here in this sanctuary, have asked ourselves, and each other, that very same question, “what should we do?” ConsideringContinue reading “What should we do?”

As we enter into this Advent season

Gospel of Luke 21:25-28, 34-46 So… I did it.  Yes, indeed I sure did.  I went down a convoluted shadowy path this past week.  A path crowded on all sidesby misguided conjecture and fraught with misinterpreted prophecies.  A path inhabited by men and women, Protestantand Catholic alike, who boldly and unabashedly proclaim to possess theContinue reading “As we enter into this Advent season”