What Does it Mean to Love One Another?

5th Sunday of Easter The Gospel of John 13:31-33, 34-35 What does it mean to love one another? How are we supposed to love one another? And, who is one another? This commandment to love which we all have been called is as simple as it is illusive. To profess love for one another is,Continue reading “What Does it Mean to Love One Another?”

Much Like a Lemon Meringue Pie

5th Sunday of Lent Gospel of St. John 8:1-11 Today‚Äôs Gospel in John is layered, intricate, and laced with strategically placed subtleties of truth, mercy, and calls to obedience. When the ingredients of this Gospel are mixed with the current realities of our lives, both personal and communal, it is any wonder that the resultingContinue reading “Much Like a Lemon Meringue Pie”

Supreme Authority of All Things Driving

Gospel Lk 6:39-45Gospel of Luke 6:39-45 I have recently discovered that at some point in my past, a moment in time I am unable to recall, I must have been anointed, or appointed, or bequeathed, or elected as the supreme authority of all things driving. I believe this to be true, because, since I haveContinue reading “Supreme Authority of All Things Driving”