What Does it Mean to Love One Another?

5th Sunday of Easter The Gospel of John 13:31-33, 34-35 What does it mean to love one another? How are we supposed to love one another? And, who is one another? This commandment to love which we all have been called is as simple as it is illusive. To profess love for one another is,Continue reading “What Does it Mean to Love One Another?”

I Have Been Called Many Things

Third Sunday of Easter Gospel of John 21:1-19 I have been called many things; son, brother, husband, and father are the obvious ones. These titles are mostly universal and, to be honest, do not require a whole lot of effort to obtain. They are assigned more than they are earned. For example, I was bornContinue reading “I Have Been Called Many Things”

I Chose the Mustang

Gospel of Luke 4:21-30 My first car was a 1981 Ford Mustang. It was blue, it had tinted windows and leather looking plastic bucket seats. I had worked and saved money and right before the start of my Junior year in high school my parents and I drove to Casper, Wyoming, wandered the lots ofContinue reading “I Chose the Mustang”

All Souls Day

Historically, the custom of setting apart a special day for the intercession of the departed faithful on November 2, was first established by St. Odilo of Cluny in the late 10th century. From this monastery in France, the custom spread throughout Europe and was ultimately accepted by Rome in the fourteenth century.  Eventually, this traditionContinue reading “All Souls Day”

What does it meant to be sheep without a shepherd?

16th Sunday Ordinary Time Gospel of Mark 6:30-34 What does it meant to be “sheep without a shepherd?” Does it mean to be lost? Does it mean to be at risk, or in danger? At the mercy of the environment, in want, or in need? Does it mean to be without purpose or direction? IContinue reading “What does it meant to be sheep without a shepherd?”