Idaho Deacon Jason

& 3 Things Podcast

Jason is an ordained Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church. Kristina is a public-school teacher with over 20 years of experience. They have stitched together a marriage and family from different starting points. They possess a unique perspective on marriage and faith and willingly share that perspective in hopes of encouraging others.

3 Things Podcast

3 Things is a podcast about 3 things; drinks, books (music, movies, art), & stories. Jason & Kristina will be having conversations with friends about how these 3 things have inspired and encouraged them on their journey of faith.

Deacon Jason’s Homilies

About Us

Jason is an ordained Deacon in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise and. Kristina, his wife, is a Certified Lay Minister. They have been married since 1996

Deacon Jason & Kristina

2 thoughts on “Idaho Deacon Jason

  1. Hi Jason and Kristina,have just listened to your podcast with Dermot and enjoyed it very much. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to speak about his faith. I think what you are doing is very inspiring for your listeners and you both are evangelising in your own unique way, which is very important in the church of today. Carry on the good work and best wishes to you both. Iverna McCaughan ( Dermot’s mum from N. Ireland) 🤗🤗


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